With a keen desire for creativity and a never-ending lust for adventures, Luuk’s work reflects a lifestyle rocked by mountains. Based in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains - Jasper National Park - Luuk’s quest is to document the natural beauty of his backyard as he explores the wide-spread mountain ranges surrounding his hometown.

A Peveril Peak Perspective.




Photography is the visual outlet to showcase my interpretation of the world. I go by the name of Luuk Wijk;  unpronounceable for most of you - I understand. I was born between the colourful flower fields of Holland in the spring of '89. By reaching the semi-mature age of twenty-one I decided that those fields were too flat and I traveled to the mountains.


I bounced happily between continents for some years and eventually found my home in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. My PO box can be found in Jasper, Alberta. My tent and vehicle somewhere in the surrounding mountains. My love for photography grew while traveling. Through this medium I found a way to show my digital 'friends' were I was, what I saw and how my world was ever-changing. Luuk Wijk Photography is still based on that principal and is nowadays mainly focused on capturing mountain landscapes and year-round adventures in the Canadian Rockies.

Sunrise Selfie.
Rise and Shine.
Hide and Seek.



I am proud to call the Canadian Rocky Mountains my home turf. This slice of Canadian wilderness has shaped my adventurous spirit.


I originally moved to Canada to spend the winter months in the mountains. I am a passionate snowboarder and dedicate majority of the year to the search of fresh snow and new lines. Yet the summer months have made me truly fall in love with my backyard. The Canadian Rockies are littered with breathtaking vistas; from glacier-covered mountains to cascading waterfalls and turquoise blue alpine lakes. How could I not become a photographer?


I am fortunate to have the Canadian Rockies at my doorstep, a truly inspiring playground for the photographer, adventurer and snowboarder in me. My quest is to document the natural beauty of my backyard as I explore its wide-spread mountain ranges.

White Room
Storm Summoning.



Snowboarding has played an immense roll in my life. I started snowboarding at the age of 13 and became a certified instructor at 18 years old. Eventually I left Holland to chase the winters around the globe. That journey took me throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In 2011 I moved to Canada - initially for just one winter, but that has turned into a permanent move.

Since 2013 I have competed in freeride snowboard competitions across Canada and the USA. I placed 18th of North America in the Freeride World Qualifiers in 2016. However - my focus does not solely lay on competing, but rather on a creative and adventurous style of snowboarding. Whether it be on the resort, in the backcountry or during freeride competitions.


After all - life is short, ride a board.


Luuk Wijk Photography

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Storm Summoning.

A storm passes by as we reach the summit of Roche Miette. I asked my scrambling partner Raph Morin to take a picture of me - with the storm in the background. Photo by Raph Morin.