Fall Fog.
Slice of Light.
Summit Seduction.
Sunset Storm.
Fryatt's Frost.
Bow to the Bow.
Tonquin Tranquility.
Midnight at Maligne.
Moody Monochrome Mountains.
Refelcting an Icon.
Mount Ball.
Storm Fort.
Rise of the Ramparts.
The Rundle Blues.
The Steaming Throne.
Striking Skyline.
Purple Haze.
Moved by Mountains.
Coloured Medicine.
Frozen and Round.
Creek to Peak.
Sunrise Peaks.
The Otherside.


Luuk Wijk Photography

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Bow to the Bow.

This is how it all starts for the Bow River. Bow Glacier is an outflow of the Wapta Icefields, it's here where it's runoff waters start their journey. From Iceberg Lake, down Bow Glacier Falls into Bow Lake after which it will it end up in the Bow River.